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Customized Training for your Employees.

Private, in-person, training for your software engineering team, tailored to your unique needs.

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Invest In Your Employees

It’s critical for technology workers to stay up-to-date on the latest frameworks and techniques. Investing in your employee’s knowledge is investing in your company.

From junior software engineers to senior-level architects, from entry-level quality assurance analysts to Senior QA Engineers, our tailored courses help bring your employee’s skills to the next level.

Customized For Your Needs

Burrows Technology offers a customized training curriculum for your technology staff. Before training begins, we sit down with your employees and determine their skill levels, and figure out where they want to go.

We tailor make a curriculum for your employees, based on their specific needs.

Our courses combine classroom instruction with hands-on exercises because we believe getting hands-on experience in the classroom helps developers learn faster. We don’t lecture and click through slides—our classes are interactive and fun.

Developer Training

Burrows Technology Developer Training courses cover the spectrum of Full Stack Development—everything from intro to DotNet Core to deep dives into the minutiae of Entity Framework, from learning Express, to utilizing Typescript decorators with Sequelize.

Our developer training courses can give your developers a leg up on learning new technologies.

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Quality Assurance Training

Training Quality Assurance analysts and engineers is an oft neglected investment. It’s common to promote knowledgeable, meticulous employees into QA roles, but where do they learn QA disciplines?

Burrows Technology QA training courses teach analysts how to construct thorough, repeatable tests, set up test environments and gauge bug priority based on severity. We teach QA engineers how to automate tests and make them repeatable for every build.

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Software Development Process Training

Every organization has a unique software development process that reflects the personalities and culture of that organization. Whether you adhere to Agile methodology or have a more casual approach to development, every process has the same basic requirements and needs.

Burrows Technology development process training does not replace your existing processes. Rather, we help you refine your existing methodologies to achieve a repeatable system which can easily scale to a growing team.

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