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Help your in-house developers take the next steps in their mastery of C#, ASP.Net Core, JavaScript, Angular, React, NodeJs, or any other up-and-coming technology.

Your developers will get a lot more out of hands-on training in your own facility than they will sitting in a crowded room listening to a presentation at yet another conference.

Have Burrows Technology design a custom curriculum specifically for your developers, to help take their skills to the next level.

Developer Courses Offered

The courses listed below are a sample of the training Burrows Technology provides. Each module below represents a three-hour block of instruction, with up to two modules being taught per day (a morning session and an afternoon session).

Each module is customized to the specific needs of your employees.

Secure your ASP.Net Core Site

Learn about ASP.Net Identity and how to use username and password, Active Directory, and OAuth authentication.
Location: In Person
Technologies: C#, ASP.Net Core

ASP.Net Core and Angular

Build a web application with ASP.Net Core and Angular. Create web pages and build APIs with ASP.Net MVC.
Location: In Person
Technologies: C#, ASP.Net Core, Angular

Asynchronous Programming with C#

The techniques and principles of asynchronous programming in .Net. Learn about async and await, Task, return values, and more.
Location: In Person
Technologies: C#, Entity Framework

LINQ, Objects, and Entity Framework

Explore the practical uses of Language Integrated Queries, both when querying databases using Entity Framework, and when manipulating in-memory objects with Linq to Objects.
Location: In Person
Technologies: C#, Entity Framework

C# Events, Delegates, and Lambdas

Do a deep dive into how events, delegates, and lambdas are used in C#. Get hands-on creating your own events and delegates, and learn how and when to use lambdas.
Location: In Person
Technologies: C#

Using Generics in C#

Covers generics conceptually, get hands on experience consuming generics, and experience building generic functions and classes.
Location: In Person
Technologies: C#

ReactJs with Redux

An introduction into Redux with ReactJs, and how to recognize when it's necessary to take that step. Covers state management, asynchronous methods, unit tests, and more.
Location: In Person
Technologies: ReactJs, Redux, Jest, Enzyme

Advanced ReactJs Techniques

This course aims to expand the knowledge of your ReactJs developers by delving into state management (without getting into Redux), high-order components, unit testing, and more.
Location: In Person
Technologies: ReactJs, Jest, Enzyme

Getting Started with ReactJs

For web developers who are already familiar with Html, Css, and JQuery, this module introduces the basics of ReactJs, and gets developers up and running with their own ReactJs applications.
Location: In Person
Technologies: ReactJs

Advanced Angular Techniques

For more experienced Angular developers, this course digs deeper into Directives, Services, Factories, unit testing, routing and more.
Location: In Person
Technologies: Angular

Getting started with Angular

An introduction to development with the latest version of Angular. Hands-on exercises have the students building apps in record time
Location: In Person
Technologies: Angular

Unit Testing Angular with Karma and Jasmine

This module introduces the user to the process of writing unit tests for Angular using the most popular Angular unit testing tools
Location: In Person
Technologies: Angular, Karma, Jasmine, Moqs, JavaScript

Mocha and Chai Unit Tests for NodeJs Typescript Apps

Getting started with unit testing NodeJs code written in Typescript
Location: In Person
Technologies: NodeJs, TypeScript, Mocha, Chai, Sinon

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