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Typescript and Javascript Based Solutions

Use the same language everywhere. Write applications in NodeJs, Electron, React, and Angular.

Javascript Can Run Everywhere

The advantage of using the same language on the front end and the backend is that training and hiring is simplified long term.

Using Javascript on the backend allows developers to leverage their existing front-end javascript development experience, and apply it to the backend without learning a new programming language.

NodeJs Powers Business

NodeJs and its ecosystem of robust open-source plugins is one of the fastest growing development platforms today.

From its roots as the hip language for startups, to its embrace by top technology companies like Google and Microsoft, to its growing inclusion in enterprise solutions, NodeJs has become a leading platform for development.

Complex enterprise software is built with NodeJs every day.

Electron Lets You Write Cross-Platform Applications

Electron lets you build cross-platform desktop applications using Typescript (or JavaScript) HTML, and CSS.

You can use React or Angular or any other front-end technology to create these applications, and they run on OSX, Windows, and Linux.

Some of the most popular desktop apps today (like Slack or VS Code) are written with Electron.

Ionic and React Native let your applications run on any mobile device.

Targeting multiple platforms with a single application used to involve a separate development effort for each target platform.

With technologies like Ionic or React Native, Burrows Technology can write a single application that works across Android, Apple, and the web, saving you time, money, and effort.

These native applications can be installed from the App Store, or hosted and signed with your own business keys.

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