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Move Your Application to the Cloud

Cloud computing relies on sharing computer resources to achieve economies of scale similar to a utility like telecommunications or power. Cloud computing enable organizations to focus on their core businesses instead of expending resources on computer infrastructure and maintenance.

Companies are taking advantage of these services at an increasing rate, with major technology companies like Microsoft and Amazon, IBM and Google, competing with each other to offer the most innovative services at the best price point.

Burrows Technology can help you take advantage of these “cloud” offerings for your next application.

Microsoft Azure Solutions

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud computing services host an array of services: virtual machines, hosted databases, application services, storage, authentication, data analytics, AI and machine learning and more.

Azure Stack even lets you host these cloud computing services directly in your own network, providing a hybrid of cloud services and private data centers.

Burrows Technology can help you navigate through the various Azure offerings and design a solution that perfectly fits your business.

Amazon Web Service Solutions

Amazon jumped out to an early lead in the cloud services business, and today some of their offerings form the backbone of internet companies and services throughout the world.

EC2 Cloud services, and AWS Lambda allow businesses to scale their processing power to meet their daily demand. S3 storage forms the core file storage solution for businesses everywhere, and with solutions such as Machine Learning, Tensor Flow, Aurora, and DynamoDB, Amazon is positioned to remain one of the leaders in the cloud services industry for years to come.

Burrows Technology will design a scalable system for you that takes advantage of the latest cloud services.

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