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Microsoft .Net Development.

Feel confident using technologies written by the leader in business software development.

Microsoft's .Net technologies power business software everywhere

Burrows Technologies is a specialist in developing .Net based business applications using ASP.Net, C#, UWP, and more.

DotNet Core solutions are cross-platform, containerizable, and maintainable, making them a popular choice for writing part or all your application using .Net.

Applications That Target Any Platform

Microsoft’s embrace of all ecosystems lets you write applications in C# that can target any platform.

Windows to OSX to Linux: DotNet Core applications can run on any platform, anywhere.

iOS, Android, and OSX can be targeted with cross-platform Xamarin-based applications.

Data Analytics with Microsoft SQL Server and PowerBI

Get insights into your critical business performance metrics using custom Power BI dashboard solutions from Burrows Technology.

Leveraging the power of SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, and advanced reporting concepts, you can see key performance indicators at a glance, and drill into the reason for the numbers with custom reporting solutions.

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