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Get the Development Process Right.

A good process is fundamental to achieving consistent results from a software development team.

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Design Your Perfect Development Process

Every software development organization has a unique process that includes individual personalities of your team to your unique business needs.

However, all processes should share a core set of practices, and regardless of the tools or technologies used, they should make predictable, repeatable projects that reduce stress and increase productivity for the entire team.

Software Development Process Courses Offered

The courses listed below are a sample of the training Burrows Technology provides. Each module below represents a three-hour block of instruction, with up to two modules being taught per day (a morning session and an afternoon session).

Each module is customized to the specific needs of your employees.

Become More Agile by Shortening Development Cycles

Short development cycles change the way you think about a project. This hands-on course teaches you how to break down any task into smaller components, increasing testability, speeding up feedback, and reducing the number of defects.
Location: In Person

Turning Needs and Wants into Requirements

This hands-on course teaches development teams how to systematically approach the needs and desires of their business clients. Learn how to create small, testable, units from larger visions.
Location: In Person

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