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Teach your QA Analysts and Engineers the skills they need for stress-free deployments.

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Good Quality Assurance Makes Everything Run Better

Training Quality Assurance analysts and engineers is often overlooked, but they are a critical component of any software development effort. A skilled QA team gives you the confidence to sleep easily at night.

QA Analysts often have deep domain expertise, and are promoted from other departments. It’s common to promote knowledgeable, meticulous employees into Quality Assurance roles. They have the product knowledge, and they know when things are broken. Burrows Technology helps these employees develop true QA discipline and analysis skills to create a repeatable, detailed process that assures software is of the best quality.

From test planning and design, to automation and performance analysis, Burrows Technology has can train your QA department to be the best in the business.

Quality Assurance Courses Offered

The courses listed below are a sample of the training Burrows Technology provides. Each module below represents a three-hour block of instruction, with up to two modules being taught per day (a morning session and an afternoon session).

Each module is customized to the specific needs of your employees.

Creating End-to-End Tests for Angular Applications Using Protractor

An intro program writing Protractor tests for engineers with minimal JavaScript experience.
Location: In Person
Technologies: Javascript, Protractor, Jasmine, Angular

Quality Assurance Planning and Time Estimation

It's easy for the time allotted for testing to disappear if development efforts run over schedule. This course teaches the fundamentals of developing a test plan and teaches techniques for estimating the effort it takes to execute that plan.
Location: In Person

Software Requirement Analysis and Test Planning

Quality Assurance does not start when developers deliver their software for testing. This course teaches analysts to break apart business requirements, and collaborate with developers during the entire development process.
Location: In Person

Managing Data for Test Scenarios

Often, test scenarios require specific data set-ups. This course teaches strategies and techniques for managing those scenarios, and gives your QA team hands-on tools to quickly set-up and tear-down those data.
Location: In Person

Create End-to-End Tests for React Applications Using Nightwatch

This module teaches how to write NightwatchJs tests for ReactJs applications.
Location: In Person
Technologies: Javascript, Nightwatch, React

Managing Data for End-to-End tests

How to write repeatable end-to-end tests that start from a consistent dataset, and return to that consistent data set at the end.
Location: In Person
Technologies: Javascript

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