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Airline Emergency Procedures

Air shipping company develops emergency procedures application to follow FAA procedures from their devices

This FAA approved mobile application runs on iOS and Android, and allows users in the field to declare emergencies and convene company resources to handle emergency situations for airline and ground shipping services. This organization had a giant, heavily cross-referenced, physical book of manual steps that needed to be taken for any given in-flight emergency or situation. This book was unwieldy, hard to keep updated, and physically very large.


Burrows Technology was engaged to create an application that duplicated, and enhanced, the functionality of this procedures book. The application needed to be accessible both via a website, and via an android and iOS app. We created an ionic based solution that talked to a NodeJs and SQL Server backend. This application allowed the end users to dynamically declare incidents (such as a mid-air collision a lost piece of cargo, or a hostage situation), and define the tasks needed to be completed by each person in the company for that event (from legal, to emergency responders, to public relations, and more.)


We took over the stalled development of this application and were able to turn the entire project around in six months, pulling it back from the brink of failure. Ultimately the customer was able to deploy this application to users across the organization, run successful drills, and distribute updates through the android and apple app stores.

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