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Employee Attendance Tracking System

Employee attendance tracking system lets ADP users automatically track employee exceptions.

The client’s existing Visual Basic 6 attendance tracking application had grown hard to maintain, update, and distribute. They wanted to move the application to a PaaS-style web application that allowed customers to be rapidly on-boarded, trained, and to ease the pain of releasing updates.


The existing VB6 application used an Access backend that was designed haphazardly over more than a decade. Burrows Technology was hired to design a new SQL Server based solution with an a modern ASP.Net based front end. We were tasked with migrating the data and the complex VB6 based business logic to a web based solution that could continue to interface with time and attendance, scheduling, and payroll systems.

The new database system needed to be a multi-tenant solution that could simultaneously handle the workload of hundreds of simultaneous users. The front end web application had to be as responsive and easy to use as the more familiar desktop application.


We were able to work with our client to implement all of these features and set them on a path to deployment with a sensible, stable architecture that could easily be upgraded in the future. By modernizing this application, our client was able to scale their business far more dramatically than ever before. They could bring new customers on faster, provide a more flexible range of offerings to their clients, and offer pricing packages specifically tailored to the needs of the business.

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