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Food Away From Home

B2B Sales Portal Enables Food Service Customers Engage with the Sales Force.

Kellogg™ engaged a graphic design consultancy to re-design their main B2B and sales portal, Food Away From Home. This site is a hub of products, promotions, recipes, calculators, merchandising racks, stands, and end-caps, menu-designers, and more. The graphic designers came up with a beautiful design, but their in-house developers lacked the expertise needed to execute the final design.


Burrows Technology was hired to execute on the vision of the final website. We took the Photoshop and PDF files produced by the graphic designers, and created functional specifications for each of the desired behaviors. Data needed to be imported from disparate internal Kellogg™ sites, an admin area needed to be created to help manage site specific items, end user’s needed to be able to design menus and generate print-ready PDFs, as well as the look and display of the rest of the site.

We were able to work with Kellogg™ IT to create processes to authenticate and import data on all of Kellogg’s products, product images, and recipes into a single database which formed the backend of the site. We use Microsoft ASP.Net MVC to create the site


This system allows Kellogg™ to expand its business in commercial kitchens across a variety of industries. It allows customers to search products appropriate to their needs and find recipes based on those products.

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